BEECK Mineral Colours
Mineral paints for interior

+ P

Photocatalytic additive for BEECK Sensil, to result in BEECK Sensil Plus

Intended use

Highly concentrated, thickened potassium water glass with organic additives and photocatalytic active titanium dioxide. BEECK +P is simply stirred to BEECK Sensil, interior one-pack silicate paint, using an electrical dispenser or mixer. The photo catalysis reduces interior air pollution, smell and malodour, and therefore enables a pleasant and hygienic room ambient. Only use for described application in BEECK interior silicates.


for interiors


For use on interior surfaces in system BEECK Sensil
Photocatalytic effect, initialized by sun or artificial light
Transforming smell particles and air pollution into innoxiously substances
Permanent embedding in highly porous silicate paint matrix
No inhibition of silicification activity, porosity or renovation coatings
Easy handling and dosing


Technical Details

Density (20°C):

1.34 kg / L



Organic content:

< 5  %

Application rate:

allowance 0.25 L BEECK +P to one bucket 12.5 L BEECK Sensil

Container size

0.25 L / 1 L / 5 L


White. Virtually without any influence on colouration.

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