BEECK Mineral Colours
Mineral paints for interior


Casein emulsion for priming highly absorbent substrates

Intended use

Water-thinnable emulsion free from synthetic resins for interior substrates with high absorbency. Use on substrates containing gypsum and clay, porous lime plasters and lightweight building boards. Concentrate, to be thinned with 2 parts water. Further treatment with BEECK Kasolit, Fine or Coarse.


for interiors


High yielding
Consolidates and strengthens clay and gypsum
Absorption barrier on absorbent surfaces
Valuable in building physics terms

Technical Details

W24 value: 

0.50 kg / (m2h1/2)

Sd value (H2O):

< 0.06 m


1.03 kg / L

pH value:


Application rate:

approx. 0.035 L / m² concentrate on a smooth, normally absorbent substrate, corresponds to approx. 0.10 L water thinnable solution

Container size

0.25 L / 1 L / 3 L / 10 L


Milky, uncoloured after drying

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