BEECK Mineral Colours


Effective stripper for the removal of existing lacquer, latex and emulsion paints

Intended use

Paint stripper for the removal of coats from mineral substrates. Suitable for the removal of old synthetic resin based film-forming coats, special emulsion paints, on façades. Multilayer application for thick-layered, multilayered paint crusts. Can also be used on interior areas if good ventilation is provided. Can also be used for removing layers of coating from wood and metal. Test for effectiveness in advance.


for exteriors + interiors


  • Thixotropically adjusted
  • Does not damage mineral building materials
  • No neutralisation required
  • Free from aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons

Technical Details


1.05 kg / L

pH value: 

8 - 9

Application rate:

approx. 0.5 L / m² per pass

Container size

0.75 L / 5 L / 10 L / 25 L


No colouring

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