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One-pack mineral paints with 100% silicification capability


Silicification – the microporous, inseparable unity of substrate and silicate coating!

Ideal building physics properties combined with extreme durability are the secret of true silicate coatings. Visible attributes are absolute lightfastness and resistance to UV radiation. Bronzing caused by weak chalking produces effective self-cleaning. The result is brilliantly clean façades – even after decades – free from dirt deposits and algae growth.

This is made possible by the chemical process of silicification, the petrification of liquid potassium water glass to form solid, chemically extremely resistant silicates that are stable when exposed to weathering. This process has been known of since the beginnings of silicate paint technology, well over 100 years ago. However, the transfer of this principle to the silicate emulsion paints product class to DIN VOB 18363 is new.  

The BEECK ActivSilicateFormulation ASF® promotes the intensive silicification of coating and substrate and therefore enables coatings with unsurpassed lives, even on exposed, weathered façades.

This is in contrast to the film formation of emulsion, silicone resin and passive silicate paints usually used in practice. With these, a physically drying synthetic resin glues the surface of the building material with the pigments and fillers. A more or less porous but also vapour-tight coating firm is formed, depending on the formulation and binder content.

All film-forming coatings tend to become brittle, form cracks and then flake off when exposed to weathering – a sign of their poor keying with the substrate. Commercially available passive silicate paints are suitable, for example, as an interior silicate coating on woodchip wallpapers or gypsum board. In the exposed, weathered façade area on the other hand they display hardly any increased durability compared to standard emulsion coatings.

A simple paint stripping test is sufficient to show that the BEECK products with BEECK ActiveSilicateFormulation ASF® combine perfectly all the positive properties of pure silicate paints and emulsion silicate paints to DIN VOB 18363. The potassium water glass silicifies permanently with the substrate, as expected from a BEECK Silicate Paint.

The result is timelessly attractive, mineral façade coatings of the highest durability and economic efficiency!

This is what the BEECK ActiveSilicateFormulation ASF ® stands for, tried and tested for decades!

BEECK ActiveSilicateFormulation ASF ® – the art of composition!

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BEECK ASF ActiveSilicateFormulation