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BEECK building preservatives: high-quality renovation and structural conservation

BEECK water-repellent agents are ideally suited for contemporary façade protection. They can be used to keep permanently clean and attractive façades, which are protected long-term against wet conditions and dirt. Whether render, concrete or natural stone, brick or pure silicate coating: BEECK building preservatives are ideally suited for every façade. They can also be used for stone conservation. The protection mechanism is provided by an active ingredient, which consolidates and impregnates absorbent mineral building materials pore-deep. The diverse product range opens up undreamt of use options on many different surfaces.

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Examples of use
BEECK building preservatives have also been used for decades to renovate renowned buildings. Here the advantage of their use is that they are extremely water vapour permeable, but at the same time they prevent the transport of salts and discolouring materials in the water. Benefit from quality that has already been tried and tested in practice for decades.