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BEECK Lime Wash Paints

Slaked lime ranks high in importance among ecological building materials. Acquired from the heart of nature, it is modified to produce lime wash paint. BEECK Lime Wash Paints, for example, contain celluloses and vegetable oils. In this way a contaminant-free, organic product is produced for healthy building environments, which is open-pored and has a highly antibacterial and mould repellent effect.

Breathable lime wash paints replace chemical paints
Although the numerous positive properties of lime wash paints have been used for many hundreds of years, they were largely replaced by synthetic resin paints. In the age of increasing ecological awareness, slaked lime paint is now experiencing a well-earned comeback. Its breathable property and the resulting significant improvement in a room's climate are particularly valued. It absorbs moisture and is therefore an ideal form of wall design for historic interiors, stables and basements. In building conservation limewash and lime paint coatings are firmly established for historical reasons. BEECK interior silicate paints are easy to use and an ideal alternative for modern building and living.

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