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Stand Oil Paints

Wood preservation, oil-based paint and wood glaze for exterior use

BEECK Stand Oil Paints are the high-quality and long-lasting coatings for wood and ferrous metals in outdoor areas. The Stand Oil Paints and Wood Glazes have pigmentation suitable for listed buildings and broad colour diversity.

An end to flaking paints and rotting structural members
Use BEECK Stand Oil Paints to achieve successful and professional protection for wooden and ferrous metal structural members. They range from pigmented wood glaze for perfect wood preservation through to a wide range of opaque oil-based paints for ferrous metals. The coatings are non-vapour retarding, this keeps structural members made of wood in shape, even if they are exposed to the effect of moisture and wet conditions, and the coatings do not tend to flake off. This means that the Stand Oil Paints can be used for high-quality and above all long-lasting quality, decorative coatings.
Whether in new buildings, in renovation or in built heritage conservation - with BEECK Stand Oil Paints owners always get a high-quality and durable coating for individual design that is suitable for listed buildings. The wood glaze is the contemporary and virtually perfect coating for wood in exteriors.

Products in category "Stand Oil Paints":

Great colours from clear to brilliant
Synthetic resin-free based stand oil paints offer a large selection of colours and shades. This means that a suitable coating can also be easily found for listed buildings. For example, the oil-based paint or wood glaze can be used for roof structures, half-timbering, verandas, carports, shelters and balconies. The coatings are easy to maintain, withstand even extreme weather conditions and thanks to their non-vapour retarding properties the wood can continue to breathe.