BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024

Reference Projects

Impressive Examples

With BEECK paint systems you achieve impressive results. And the list of projects in which our products, our technical knowledge and the expertise of our technicians and consultants have been used is no less impressive.

Experts, architects and skilled trades workers value BEECK paints due to their high degree of colourfastness and outstanding building physics properties and they are therefore the products of choice, e.g. for built heritage conservation, but are increasingly also being used for public buildings and high-end private buildings - and not only in Germany, but worldwide.

The list opposite shows a small excerpt from our reference list.

Please note that private references are often non-disclosable and for the protection of our customers are therefore not included.

Property Location Project task
Schlossvippach Schlossvippach BEECK PROTECT (2022)
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China sky scraper with Renosil (2023)
Castle of Versailles Versailles Paris Beeck stand oil paints in the Palace of Versailles. (2023)
Anna Amalia Library Weimar Restoration of the interior rooms, historical windows and doors (2007)
the red house Trinidad Tobago Restauration of the old mineral facade with Beeck-Sol in a special color tone oxide red. (2018)
Restaurant zur Tanne in Osterwieck Restaurant zur Tanne in Osterwieck Beeck Standoil paint on wooden surface (2023)
Neukirchen Church Neukirchen Detailed interior design with Interior Stand Oil Paint (2007)
Max Otten Str.Magdebrug Magdeburg Renosil (2020)
Hofgut Luisenlust in Hirzenhain / Hessen Hofgut Luisenlust in Hirzenhain / Hessen BEECK oil primer and two coats of standoil paint pro (2020)
Pressig Church Pressig (Bavaria) Interior decorative painting (2006)
Bank Schwerin Schwerin Germany Beeckosol historic (2018)
Schloss Oranienbaum Kavaliershaus bei Dessau Schloss Oranienbaum Kavaliershaus bei Dessau Facade with Beeckosil fein woodwork Standoil paint window with Standoil paint (2020)
Schloss Pillnitz Dresden Exterior and interior restoration of the mountain and water palace of the Baroque castle complex. (2008)
Sättelstädt church Sättelstädt (Thuringia) Repair of the interior (2006)
private house Gammertingen Germany Beeckosol and Renosil as well as Stanniol paint (2018)
Rothenkirchen Church Rothenkirchen (Saxony) Repair of the interior (2004)
Staatstheater Meiningen Meiningen Thorough renovation and repair of the façade (2010)
Frohnhausen Church Frohnhausen Façade with Beeckosil, wooden structural members with Exterior Stand Oil Paint (2008)
Festung Königstein Königstein (Saxony) Restoration of the façades of the individual buildings of this fortress (1997)
Königstein fortress – military hospital, garrison church, "hunger tower" Königstein (Saxony) Restoration and conservation of wooden structural members and the half-timbering in the military hos (2002)
Rathaus Waltershausen Waltershausen (Thuringia) Restoration of the half-timbered façade of the historical town hall built in 1441 (1999)
Kurfürstliches Schloss Mainz Thorough renovation and repair of the façade (2011)
Landesfinanzschule Gotha Restoration of the façade (1995)
Behinderten-Werk Gelnhausen (Hesse) Repair of the façade of this facility for the disabled (2010)
Hermann-Lietz School Haubinda (Thuringia) Repair of the half-timbered façade
Historical house Dresden Façade with silicate glaze technique (2007)
Neues Schloss Ettersburg Ettersburg (Thuringia) Complete renovation of the interior and exterior (2008)
Altes Schloss Ettersburg Ettersburg (Thuringia) Repair of the façade of this old castle (2008)
Urban villa in Dresden Dresden Façade coating (2010)
Town villa in Plauen Plauen Façade with Beeckosil (2007)
Richard Wagner House Wiesbaden Repair of the façade (2007)
Franz Liszt House Weimar Repair of the façade (2010)
Schloss Zschepplin Zschepplin (Saxony) Restoration of the façade (2010)
Schloss Lich Lich (Hesse) Renovation and repair of the façade (2010)
Arnstadt paper mill Arnstadt (Thuringia) Restoration of the exterior half-timbered façade (2010)
Historical farming museum Sondershausen (Thuringia) Repair of the half-timbered façade (2005)
Weißes Ross Hartenstein (Saxony) Repair of the historical half-timbered façade (2007)
Teacher training academy Bad Berka (Thuringia) Repair of the half-timbered façade (2006)
Hünfeld town church Hünfeld (Hesse) Complete interior and exterior restoration
Freiberg mining museum Freiberg (Saxony) Restoration of the historical façade (1997)
Railway bridge near Fulda Protection of the abutment piers (2007)