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Prepare, improve, renovate – BEECK Silicate Primers

BEECK Silicate Primers are the high-quality and reliable primers for all kinds of different coating problems and critical substrates. System coatings with mineral paints ensure top quality and flawless building protection from a single source.

The perfect base for a mineral coating
With the right primer not only tricky building physics issues but also difficult substrates are prepared perfectly for coating with Mineral Paints. Especially where substrates have a low absorbency, contain gypsum or are highly porous, preparing them with a suitable Silicate Primer is the basis for perfect coating results.
For example, the mineral primer improves significantly the adhesion of Mineral Paints on plaster or render. The primer ensures uniform substrates. In addition, slurry Silicate Primers can be used to bridge hairline cracks and structural defects. The systemically coordinated Silicate Primers ensure correct preparation of all kinds of different substrates.

Products in category "Silicate Primers":

Easy to use, highly effective results
The convincing properties of BEECK Silicate Primers are their easy use and high-quality results. The primer for render, plaster or a wall can be easily applied using brushes or rollers. Special additives improve use properties and effects, even on problematic substrates.
The building materials stay non-vapour retarding and produce a convincingly clear colour even on large areas. The best results in new build, renovation and built heritage conservation are only possible with BEECK Silicate Primers.