BEECK Mineral Colours

BEECK in practice

BEECK in practice

Examples of uses and references -
we show ourselves at our best

We have compiled a selection of use examples and references for you, so that you get a better impression of the diverse options open to you with BEECK products. The BEECK use examples and references show you an excerpt of the projects implemented with our products by satisfied customers in recent years.


Our consulting service -
we give you active support for your project

Quality in materials, substrates and use is prerequisite for a coating to become what it should be – a success for skilled trades workers, the owner or developer and designers. BEECK offers its whole range of services for the success of the customer, from competent substrate evaluation and preparation of work recommendations to detailed tender specification and estimating.

Tender specification texts
After our consultant has evaluated the substrate BEECK draws up a specification text suitable for use in calls for tender; these texts are not binding for public use areas.

Estimating and project support
We help painting & decorating contractors with estimating, substrate testing and trying out our products on test areas. We provide thorough introductory instructions for painting and decorating firms who have had little experience in mineral paint technique.

Advice for public use areas
A qualified BEECK consultant is available to assist you at short notice. Please contact us by phone on
+49 7333 96 07 11.

Technical advice
Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about our products and their uses. For individual advice, contact us by email on or phone +49 7333 96 07 11.