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new Standoil paint pro Line

Laichingen, 13. September 2019

BEECK Stand Oil Paints pro
For centuries, oil paints have set the bar for building maintenance and historical structure preservation. BEECK stand oil paints address the segment of classical, traditional oil paints - ideal for restoring half-timbered construction and cladding on walls and ceilings for facade and interior applications, specifically in a historical context.
BEECK Stand Oil Paints pronow represent the latest generation of classical stand oil paints in professional and painter's grade. BEECK Stand Oil Paintprocreates high-yielding, actively drying oil coats with outstanding durability, cost-efficiencies, and maintenance-friendliness, even beyond historical structure conservation. Ideal for windows, doors, shutters, and facade cladding – whenever the benefits of classic oil coats need to be combined with contemporary, efficient processing.   

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