BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024
Clay- and Lime Wash Paints


Highly water vapour permeable reversible clay coating based on a natural binder. Even after a long time can be removed again with warm water without the use of chemicals

Intended use

Open-pored, easy-to-apply wall paint, ideal for clay in living areas as well as in monuments and historical buildings. Produces smudge-proof coats with a noble, cloth-matt, mineral character. The healthy living and physical properties of clay are retained. Available in white and ready mixed in a practically unlimited variety of colours.


for interiors




  • Indoor application
  • Ideally matched to healthy clay substrates in terms of building physics
  • Open to diffusion and permeable to water vapour
  • Earthy, natural colour palette, light and colourfast in all mineral shades
  • Non-chalking, can be renovated for several times in the system
  • Antistatic, non-flammable 

Technical Details


 Density 20°C: 


 1.35 – 1.45 kg / L 


 pH value 20°C: 



 sd value (H2O): 


 0.03 m 


 Hiding power / Contrast ratio: 


 Class 2 


 Flammability class: 


 A2 nonflammable 

Container size

5 L / 12.5 L


White, Off-White and ready-mixed in the 200 colours inclusive full colours of the BEECK Mineral Paint Colour Chart. Additional in a large range of colour shades. Colour groups: I – IV

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