BEECK Mineral Colours
Lime Wash Paints


Modified Soaked Marble Lime paint with high hiding power

Intended use

User-friendly, organically modified lime wash paint for lime-compatible, firm substrates. Universal, opaque and high yield use. For exterior application, such as on the fa├žades of listed buildings, always test product on the original substrates first. Unlike silicate paints, premature bronzing due to the chalking typical for lime.


for exteriors + interiors


  • Efficient
  • Low tension
  • Painter and decorator friendly
  • Non vapour retarder
  • Mould resistant due to alkalinity

Technical Details

W24 value: 

> 1.00 kg / (m2h1/2)

Sd value (H2O):

< 0.03 m


1.25 kg / L

pH value: 


Organic content:

approx. 3 %

Application rate:

approx. 0.12 L / m² per pass on a smooth substrate

Container size

5 L / 12.5 L


Lime White. Can be tinted in pastel colours with BEECK Full Colour Lime Concentrate (max. 20%)

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