BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024
Clay- and Lime Wash Paints


Easy-to-use lime paint for interior use

Intended use

Titanium dioxide-free lime paint, refined with linseed oil and plant starch for smudge-resistant, open-pored coats on interior substrates suitable for lime. Does not form a vapour-barrier overcoat thickness even after repeated renovation and does not "suffocate" even historical air lime plaster thanks to its undiminished open porosity. The chemical process of carbonation produces a low-stress lime coating with a bactericidal effect thanks to its natural alkalinity. Gives historical building fabric a genuine lime character.


for interiors


  • For interior use on lime-compatible substrates
  • Good dry coverage and efficient to apply
  • Reversible in terms of monument preservation
  • Cloth matt with luminous transparent lime lustre
  • Capillary-active and moisture-regulating
  • Highest carbon dioxide permeability
  • Non-flammable, free from electrostatic charge
  • Bactericidal due to natural alkalinity



Technical Details

W24 value:

Sd value (H2O): 

< 0.02 m


approx. 1.2-1.3 kg / L

pH value: 


Organic content:

Application rate:

approx. 80 - 120 Gramm  / m² per pass on a smooth substrate

Container size

5 L / 12.5 L


LLime White • Can be tinted in pastel colours with BEECK Full Tone Lime Concentrate (max. 20 %) or with lime- compatible pigments.

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