BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024
Silicate Primers


Special fixative for weakly wettable substrates and for BEECK glazing technique

Intended use

Priming and strengthening of porous mineral substrates, including those with a water-repellent surface or partially organic character, such as insulating plasters or existing coats which cannot be completely removed. Also as a glaze binder for BEECK Silicate Glazes on render, plaster and fair-faced concrete.


for exteriors + interiors


  • Optimum substrate adhesion
  • Can be colour-glazed with BEECK Powdered Pigment
  • Interior and exterior areas
  • Mould resistant due to alkalinity
  • Free from biocides

Technical Details

W24 value: 

> 1.00 kg / (m2h1/2)

Sd value (H2O):

0.01 m


1.16 kg / L

pH value: 


Organic content:

< 5 %

Application rate:

approx. 0.03 - 0.04 L / m² per pass, pretest!

Container size

1 L / 5 L / 10 L


Milky, transparent after drying

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