BEECK Mineral Colours
Mineral Colour Card

mineral colour book

200 colours for contemporary colour design for use on mineral building materials, suitable for listed buildings. Handy colour block produced with a lacquer printing process

Intended use

Mineral colour chart for architects and professional painter


BEECK Mineral colour book is a representative aid for architects, skilled trades and restorers. A special grain (granulate) has been added to the colours in a complicated printing method. This ensures the realistic matt effect of the colours.
All colours on the BEECK Mineral colour chart are available ready-mixed in the factory. Please refer to the individual product information for possible product-specific limitations.
HBZ = brightness value. State-of-the-art colorimetry enables constant, reproducible shading.
Minor colour differences can be caused by raw material influences, the texture and absorbency of the substrate, by diffused light effects and subjective colour perception. They do not constitute grounds for complaint. Please test the colour on a sample surface before use.

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