BEECK Mineral Colours
Mineral Colour Card


The 200 colours of the BEECK Mineral colour chart as colour fields in a practical overview

Intended use

Mineral colour chart in A4-format


The Mineral colour chart in A4-format have been printed with a 6-sided letter fold and separate flap on 300 gram matt coated paper. The Mineral colour chart contains a total of 200 ready-mixed colours for the design of interior and exterior walls. 11 full colour paints and 2 whites are included separately. The colour name and the brightness value are shown separately for each colour box. This makes it easier for you to assign the colour.

A special grain (granulate) has been added to each colour field (1.6 x 2.1 cm) for a representative display of the colours. This ensures the realistic matt effect of the colours.

Full colour paint

White C-102
Off-White C-101
Black C-655
Umber C-652
Ochre Yellow C-651
Maize Yellow C-661
Lemon Yellow C-658
Green C-656
Cobalt Blue C-659
Ultra Blue C-657
Wine Red C-660
Oxide Red C-654
Brown C-653

Ready-mixed colours

Price groups I-IV C-103 – C-350

Overview Mineral Colour Card