BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024
Silicate Primers


High-bonding primer coat for lime, silica, and clay plasters for indoor and outdoor. Texture grain: 0.4 mm

Intended use

Ready for use silica primer for lime, silica, and clay plasters. BEECK plaster primer creates a permanent bond on highly- absorbent and also on low-pore, smooth, or organically modified substrates. Simplifies even plaster application with its rugged, slurrying-grainy texture and evens out interfering substrate influences, such as uneven or excessive absorption. Reduces leeching, ring, and stain formation on plaster on critical substrates. Optimized bond to BEECK universal plaster.


  • Used in indoor and facade applications

  • High adhesion on smooth and also on porous substrates

  • Grippy grain texture with 0.4 mm texture grain

  • Evens out differing absorption and texture defects

  • Absorption barrier on highly-absorbent substrates

  • Ready for use with minimum settling propensity in the container

  • Highly alkaline-resistant

Technical Details

W24 value:

0.20 kg / (m2h1/2)

sd value (H2O):

< 0.10 m

Density 20°C:

1.53 kg / L

pH value20°C:



  1. approx. 0.22 kg BEECK plaster primer per m2

Container size

8 kg / 20 kg


semi-opaque natural white pigmentation.
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