BEECK Mineral Colours
Mineral Paints for facades


Pure two-pack active silicate paint to VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1.

Intended use

Unsurpassed in durability, water vapour permeability and ecological compatibility. To be mixed from BEECK Powdered Pigment and BEECK Fixative. Free from organic contents, in particular synthetic resins of all types. Opaque or glazed use on absorbent porous mineral plaster is possible.


for exteriors + interiors


  • Maximum colourfastness A1 (BFS-MB No. 26)
  • Mineral matt finish
  • Free from resins, solvents and biocides
  • Can be repeatedly renovated
  • Ecologically compatible
  • Ideal building physics properties

Technical Details

W24 value: 

> 1.00 kg / (m2h1/2)

Sd value (H2O):

< 0.01 m


1.55 kg / L

pH value:


Organic content:

0 %

Application rate: 

approx. 0.18 kg BEECK Fixative and 0.15 kg BEECK Powdered Pigment per mand pass

Container size

1 kg / 5 kg / 10 kg / 30 kg (BEECK Fixative) and 4 kg / 8 kg / 25 kg (BEECK Powdered Pigment)


White, Off-White and the 200 colours of the BEECK Mineral Paint Colour Card including full colours

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