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Mineral paints for interior


Silification-active Sol silica paint iaw. VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.1. for indoor areas at risk of mold. Healthy for residential uses and valuable construction-physical material with 5-way mold inhibitor.

Intended use

Highly diffusion-capable interior silica paint with BEECK ASF® ActiveSilicaFormulation for indoor surfaces at risk of mold, such as kitchen, wellness zones, warehouses, production areas, and basements, including old building remodeling and landmark care. Ideal for lime and cement plaster, remedial plaster, concrete and drywall. Silification generates a permanent microporous bond with the substrate with ideal construction-physical properties. BEECK Sensil SAN counteracts mold in five ways: 1) moisture-regulating, capillary texture; 2) high alkalinity; 3) lithium silicate as a mineral-based antiseptic; 4) photocatalytic protective action 5) microorganisms are denied a nutrient substrate. As a silificating paint coating system, BEECK Sensil SAN supports all remedial mold infestation measures, such as drying out building walls and ambient air moisture removal. Extensive construction-physical and/or space-hygiene deficiencies cannot be corrected strictly by the choice of the coating system.


for interiors


Used for interior applications
BEECK ASF® ActiveSilicaFormulation
Maximum wet abrasion resistance class 1, coverage properties class 1
Mold-resistant without organic-synthetic fungicide additives
Natural alkalinity counteracts bacteria and mold
Photocatalytically active against organic substances such a dirt film, air pollutants, and odor particles
Highly-permeable for water vapor and CO2, reduced propensity to form condensation
Not film-forming, thermoplastic, does not contain softeners, no fogging effect
Cloth-matte, mineral-based finish with light-fast mineral-based pigmentation
Resistant to conventional cleaning agents and disinfectants
Valuable construction-biological alternative to toxin-based mold-resistant paints


Technical Details

W24 value:

> 1.00 kg / (m2h1/2)

sd value (H2O):

0,01 m

Density 20°C:

1.49 kg / L

pH value20°C:



approx. 0.15 - 0.17 L BEECK Sensil SAN per m2 and pass

Container size

5 L / 12.5 L


White and off-white. Factory tinting on request.
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