BEECK Mineral Colours 130 Jahre Beeck'sche Farbwerke – 1894-2024
Silicate Primers

SILICATE FILLER new 1st April 24

Levelling filler for full surface filling on mineral façades

Intended use

Ready to use filling compound for high-quality façade renovation especially for cement and lime cement plaster or render, fair-faced masonry and concrete with hairline cracks and minor structural defects. Application per pass max. 2 mm, maximum coat thickness for two applications 3 - 4 mm. Prefill deeper chipped surfaces, misses and rough plaster with suitable lime/cement based plaster or render. On hairline cracks and critical substrates, embed reinforcing mesh over the whole area (Kobau Glasgitter-Gewebe 5/5 A).Overcoat the silicate filler, preferably with BEECK Quartz Filler or „coarse“ silicate coatings. Never use BEECK Silicate Filler as a repair or stain covering filler within enclosed, intact plaster or render areas; such making good work must be carried out using a plaster or render mortar of the same type, e.g. lime or cement-based products.


  • For use on interior and exterior surfaces

  • Durable and robust

  • Low shrinkage

  • Bridges hairline cracks if used with glass mesh reinforcement

  • Economical and efficient

  • Nonflammable

  • Highly water vapour and COpermeable

  • Not thermoplastic

  • Natural alkalinity helps to prevent bacteria and mould

Technical Details

W24 value:

>0,5kg/(m2 1/2h

svalue (H2O):

0,08 m

Density 20°C:

Approx. 1,8 kg / L

pH value 20°C:


Container size

25 kg


Natural White.
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