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Corrosion protection primer for ferrous metals and steel

Intended use

Passivating, corrosion-inhibiting primer coat based on linseed oil and micaceous iron ore for iron and steel. Thoroughly grind or blast iron metals until they are bright, then apply one or two coats of BEECK Corrosion Protection Primer. Further treatment with BEECK Undercoat, topcoat with BEECK Exterior Stand Oil Paint (exteriors) or BEECK Interior Stand Oil Paint (interiors). Cannot be used in a highly corrosive climate, on non-ferrous metals or galvanized sheet steel!


for exteriors + interiors


  • Linseed oil with creep capability
  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • Does not contain toxic heavy metals
  • Highly adherent, non flaking
  • Not for zinc, copper or aluminium

Technical Details

Gloss level: 



1.40 kg/L

Application rate:

approx. 0.08 L/m² per pass

Solids content:

approx. 80 % (High Solid)

Container size

0.25 L / 0.75 L / 3 L


Grey-Brown. Further treatment with BEECK Undercoat, White

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