BEECK Mineral Colours
Stand Oil Paints


Resin free, rich oil lacquer for woodwork exposed to weather conditions

Intended use

Mixture of boiled down linseed oil and stand oil containing finely ground mineral pigments with excellent durability and maintenance friendliness in exterior areas. True to traditional oil paint formulas, it does not tend to flake or become brittle, even under severe weather conditions. Suitable for both dimensionally stable (windows, external doors) and dimensionally unstable or conditionally stable wood-work (panelling, folding shutters, half-timbering, trusses).


for exteriors


  • High UV protection
  • Non flaking
  • Moisture regulating
  • Maintenance friendly
  • High solid
  • Suitable for listed buildings

Technical Details

Gloss level: 

silk gloss

Sd value (H2O):

≤ 0.50 m


approx. 1.20 kg / L (depending on colour)

Solids content:

approx. 78 % (high solid)

Application rate:

approx. 0.08 L/m² per pass

Container size

0.25 L / 0.75 L / 3 L / 10 L


10 standard colours and 146 colours of the BEECK Stand Oil Colour Card. Can be mixed together as required.

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